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Here are some things you may find of interest.

Drill Press 09 Kaizen Presentation.ppt A PowerPoint presentation describing how the changeover time of a multi-headed drill press was greatly reduced.
Using Quick Changeover to Fight Breast Cancer.pdf A success story of how Lean and SMED principles were used to increase capacity and lower costs for a breast imaging center.
Lean Assessment System Introduction.pptx Introduction and training information about a Lean Assessment system. Use this system to identify your existing Lean status and help make improvements.
Lean Assessment Worksheet.xlsx This is the actual assessment form which objectively allows you to evaluate and score Lean progress in 10 different Lean areas.
Dale Carnegie's Golden Book.pdf A summary of the teachings by the world's greatest human-relations teacher. This is his famous "Little Golden Book".

To effect change in an organization, you have to be able to get along and convince others to try your ideas. Dale Carnegie can help you do that better than anyone else I know.