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Who is Casey Bralla?

I am an energetic, seasoned engineering executive with over 35 years experience as a Lean Champion, Engineering Manager, Plant Manager, Quality Manager, Continuous Improvement Manager, and Manufacturing Engineer working with industrial, automotive, and consumer products.

I have direct experience in:

I have personally introduced Lean Manufacturing to industrial companies and been responsible for changing plant cultures that were based on "tribal knowledge", and transformed them into organizations that value Standard Work, and are data-driven.

I am a published author, with articles explaining the basic structure of CNC Machine Tools in McGraw-Hill's Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, and a chapter on Plastics Extrusion for McGraw-Hill's Design for Manufacturability Handbook

I also am a computer nerd, hosting my own servers for my (unfortunately) not-with-profit internet business.

I am married (28+ years!), have two great kids, and have learned to love life in small town Pennsylvania.

Although I work full time, I am very happy to offer free advice via phone or eMail. If you live in the Philadelphia, PA or northern Delaware area, I would even be happy to come see your facility and offer my advice, providing we can do this after normal working hours. (I love finding any excuse to tour a factory; I learn something every time!) Call or eMail me, and we can discuss any needs you have.

Call me at 610-345-1355

or eMail at

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You can also contact me via my Linkedin account.

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